Friday, April 3, 2015

a helpful psa

ok so we have some popular fq&a's for this one here we go:

q: hannah are you wearing a fancy dress in this!
a: yes! 
q: also earrings?
a: yes also earrings!
q: you look so pretty!
a: thank you i know.

q: hannah why do you also have no pants on tho
a: because this is a comic about dating on the internet
q: what
a: also it is about pussies
q: great
a: next q pls

q: hannah this is your mother is it ok for me to read this?
a: mom no pls get out of here

q: what does bf & af mean
a: mom i said gtfo of here i am cereal
q: this isn't your mom i am just an idiot!
a: ok sorry it means BEFORE FUCKING and AFTER FUCKING
q: oh duh of course
a: yeah seriously wth

q: why are you fucking up with layout and negative space!
a: listen everything in my life is crazy rn ok cool it idk
q: i love you
a: ok i love you too bye

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