Thursday, July 19, 2012

i do not have company (ever)

ok a couple things here:
1.  that's not really the colors of my cats.  i do have a little greybear one but the rest are not colored according to real life at all.  oh wait except i am kind of holding ada in the second panel.  that is how her legs go if you try and cradle her. second from left.
2.  i don't know if those girls *actually* saw my toy boner under my desk or not, so the expressions on their faces are PURE ART YO
3.  the ostensible theme of this triptych is my being embarrassed when i realize later that i casually revealed my toy boner to strangers via cat hunt; clearly i would not be drawing a picture of the damn thing if i were in any way *actually* embarrassed about having it (hi steve! xo)--so i just want to mention that in case any of y'all caught a stanky whiff of disingenuousness that maybe you thought i was unawares of.  i am awares as hell bitches.

Friday, July 13, 2012

up inda cluub

i was doing a longer cartoon about this but then it turned out actually i'm not.

so i hosted graphic novel club at my house like two sundays ago or something and it was fuggen weeeeird.  at first.  i mean you can clearly see from the drawing above that ultimately it was totally okay and even fun and even ridic adorable.  look at those cute little bitches! lml.

anyway the point is i have been a "member" of gnc for like a year?  a hot while.  and i have read i think every book that we've done as a club.  but i've only attended like an eighth of the meetings.  because of this!  my stupid brains are still haunted by the scooby doo ghosts of middle school, where any time i am going to go somewhere i am like BUT IF I GO THERE PEOPLE WILL SEE ME.

it's a reeeeal hogwash of a bummer hole.

but this is the year i come of age as a hobbit!  and so i have resolved to stop sneakily creepin on my maladjustments and just start taking axes to the sons of goddamn bitches.  FUCK all that noise.  so exhausterpated of it.

so even though at first as people started showing up i got all sweaty in the hands and aspergers twitchy around the eyes, i just wiped my goddamn hands off on a cat and looked at people in their faces and said words out loud to them and by the end i was as comfortable as if none of them were there at all.  essentially.

next up on the list of maladjustments i'm axing: hating everyone. until then fuck you, dickbowl.