Saturday, March 14, 2015

sayonara trashbag #2: some history

oh so one thing about these comics is i am kind of just doing them as sloppily and quickly as i can/as i feel like
like ok art is a thing but fuck it what is this a museum no it's the internet, the internet is for feelings

breakup comics/sayonara trashbag

hi hello it's me i'm here. 
in january i broke up with michael, with whom i had been living for two years, dating for three. 
i had wanted to break up with him, off and on, for . . . three years. 
there are just some very dumb lame reasons why i got together with him and some very dumber lamer reasons why i stayed and while i don't have an outline or anything what i have been doing lately is comicsing about it because as you can imagine there's a bunch of fucking garbage backed up in my psyche. 
dealing with someone for three years with whom you would rather not deal will take a toll and it will be a long time before i think about men in general as being even a category with which i want to have any personal engagement and a LONG fucking time before i genuinely trust admire or like one again. 
or maybe not who knows maybe i will fall in love with some dum dum tomorrow but anyway this is just greetings and salutations i have been in a lil dumb hole of my own devising for too long and now i'm hopping around in some green green grass again and want to comics about it good morning.