Friday, March 30, 2012

sometimes your boyfriend provides you with useful new educations.

so now that we are one whole year old here at the opposite of easy i am starting to get hankerings to sophisticitize my shit . . . like, remember when i started i only used fat sharpies? and now i use skinny faber castells? total progress.  also i am starting to think about what if i do these less as one-offs and more as process? that's pretty unlikely considering i am above all things deeply lazy and never more than cursorily or passingly invested, but hey! what if i do an idea sketch and then make a comic from it, instead of my idea sketches being my finished product? whatevr. anyway here is some shit me an manduh got learned on recently.

Monday, March 19, 2012

i like bears.

my clothes are dirty but my hands are clean

The following is not to say that the Friday thing was not a thing.  That was a thing.  But the following is to give backstory and perspective to what resulted of the Friday thing.
it's not safe in there for me all by myself.
Why does the despair transmogrify into assholery?  I have thought about this a lot and here is the really brilliant theory I've developed: It's like when you're drowning and your lungs are like WTF NO and they suck in a huge wad of water that ultimately kills you because they only know how to do that one thing--suck in wads of whatever's out there, and in the best of all possible worlds it's AIR, duh, but sometimes you are fucking having a hard time and you get so crazed it feels like you don't even have time to differentiate, there's just an OMG WTF NO like life-affirming impulse buried somewhere in there and that thing totally hates it when you smother yourself in the pool or in suicidal self-loathing.  It just sucks in whatever it can to get you going again, get out of the water, get your head above this fucking backbreaking demoralization.

And Saturday he came over with an ice-cream cake and a little creature he made me.  He thinks it is a dog but it is an alligator.  Et voila.  He's the best thing that I've ever seen.

and lo, breaketh the dawn--when the smrt shall be functionally retarded and the sprightly shall be like unto a wounded/pregnant possum

frikken thing weighs as much as a cat*

*not one of my cats, just "a" cat.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

i m tryin here, i m tryin hard

some of this is just evolutionary, psychophysiological.  my brain is wired like a nest, yours like a bird.  in your vision of things it is clear that you'll return, but till you do i am a hollow man i am a stuffed man. my dried voice quiet and meaningless as rats' feet over broken glass.
and then some of this is specifically what i am in therapy and on medication for.  NOTHING WILL EVER BE ALL RIGHT.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


this is an old fight we had early on when i was being too accommodating in the way of dum dum females everywhere and u were like get out of my butt.  lol.  now i am near your butt but not in it, perf for everyone.

you got the hands part right so that is good. when u r older like me u will figure out the mouth part don't worry.