Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i started a fairy tale in my waitress notebook today

my process as it were is obv to just toddler scribble everything but i am not crazy about how this turned out so maybe this will be my first experiment with drawing something TWICE

it just breaks your heart

With characteristic lack of impulse control, I started this by uploading pictures I'd taken with my frikken phone.  That shit looks awful, I see now.  But THEN I graduated to a regular camera and that looks good, I think.  The scanner I am not crazy about.  Anyway when I get home tonight I am gonna fix the phone ones to camera ones.


I'd asked Becca how she liked sorting, and she said it was fine, that everything was pretty light and easy to carry around.

"EXCEPT THIS," she said, pretending to LABOR MIGHTILY to heft one of those ugly ol' leather Wordsworth classics.  I donno, this was like litrilly the funniest shit evarr, I couldn't get ahold of myself at aaaall.  Sheldon srsly thought I was crying and was worried what was wrong.  

Monday, March 28, 2011

shut the fuck up old man you don't know what it's like, comin up in the world today

and soo smiley! (smiliness not exaggerated)

heart! knife! eggplant! (sp)!

Second Avenue asshole!

easter tis the season for first-thing-in-the-morning sugar fits

i don't know where he's from but he sounds all mystical all the time

sometimes you try bein neighborly but it turns out yr neighbor is a douche

that's why people like me, i am on toppa things

what is happening with your hair, imogen

friendship is based on similarities AND differences.

r local to bay ridge

oh just talking about sports at work you know

i love free will astrology

i have always lived in the fatsle

stupid stupid winter