Saturday, May 19, 2012

i havent been doin nothin so here's this old thing

I ended up doing a bunch of "spring cleaning" today, which breaks down to: me giving a close reading to my bajillions of tiny mementos (plastic dinosaurs, cat whiskers, crayon nubs), and masses of small pieces of paper on which I have written important things I need to not forget.  I get very nostalgic.  Oh remember when I lived like this it was different then, it was better it was worse.  Oh remember this place here is a picture of who I went there with we don't talk anymore I think she's racist now.  Etc.
Anyway I have been thinking about this blog, it's not like I just washed my hands of it and tottered off scot-free.
And mostly what's happening is: I started reading Julia Wertzel, Gabrielle Bell, the ultimate mighty gorgeous Alison Bechdel, and others, and all of a sudden I was like Wait is this my style or am I just fucking lazy?  Because we all know I am fucking lazy.  But now I wonder if I want to learn how to like use Photoshop for example or something.  Have my text go on straight lines.  Pencil first?  Fuck that.  But maybe.  You know?
So I have just been sitting around thinking about all that.  Also I started this because my heart was so badly broken I was unable to process anything verbally.  Now I am mostly on the sunny shore so this has turned into mostly jokes about how Fungus Mungus is a crotchety little jerk.  So there's not that same overwhelming impetus to get shit out o my head or I will die.
I donno we shall see what we shall see.