Wednesday, November 20, 2013

where has u been, precious

hi i still draw comics i just usually don't do the whole scan color ink upload shebang these days, mostly i just draw them on like notebook paper or some crap and take a picture so follow me on tumblr? if you want to still see them, plus all the loads of other marvelous crap i find, i am the best at tumblr, OR friend me on fb, i post a lot of them there, but also i am horrible on fb so maybe don't friend me there.  

here is something for you just a sliver a sampling a slice of the marvelous things i find and post.  

anyway this is just a public service announcement since this is my blogspot but i ignore it lately.  it's still cool you can still hang out here.  anyway see you around bye.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

die u little turdlebird

do you deserve your suffering? you better.

did you know that one of the cool side effect bonuses you get to enjoy of having eating disorders and/or dysmorphia is that everyone will think you are a dick?

not everyone, of course.  but if you are judged to have a body not sufficiently deficient, and you hate that body and want to hurt it when you look at it, there will be people who tell you you are selfish or shallow or a bitch or an idiot for hating that body and wanting to hurt it when you look at it.
just a heads up if any of you are new to this game.