Monday, April 20, 2015

this is just to say

you know how you go back and forth on whether you should keep doing the art stuff you like doing or whether you should just bury your idiot brain in the internet forever because who even fucking cares about you you are so annoying
which is itself annoying
that whole premise
like you can only do stuff if you're good enough
it's just dumb
you would never say that to someone you love
like hey stop doing that you're not good enough
it doesn't fucking matter
you can just do whatever
and you can do whatever whenever 
that is also true
fits and starts
it's fine
you're ok
and you can do this because you need to or because it's good for you or because you like it or because you don't care about anything anyway like literally it doesn't matter
this world is burning all around you
nothing is yours
not even your body
especially your body
keep going
you are having a wonderful time

Friday, April 3, 2015

a helpful psa

ok so we have some popular fq&a's for this one here we go:

q: hannah are you wearing a fancy dress in this!
a: yes! 
q: also earrings?
a: yes also earrings!
q: you look so pretty!
a: thank you i know.

q: hannah why do you also have no pants on tho
a: because this is a comic about dating on the internet
q: what
a: also it is about pussies
q: great
a: next q pls

q: hannah this is your mother is it ok for me to read this?
a: mom no pls get out of here

q: what does bf & af mean
a: mom i said gtfo of here i am cereal
q: this isn't your mom i am just an idiot!
a: ok sorry it means BEFORE FUCKING and AFTER FUCKING
q: oh duh of course
a: yeah seriously wth

q: why are you fucking up with layout and negative space!
a: listen everything in my life is crazy rn ok cool it idk
q: i love you
a: ok i love you too bye